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Use the contact tab to send a DM with your Sexyjobs I.D. (if you have one). Our Talent Relations team will send you all the information you need to apply. 

You must prove you are who you say you are, able to work legally in the United States, and of legal age where you live.


You must have a computer or tablet. Phones may be used in unusual circumstances only. And you must have an internet upload speed of at least 10 mps. To find out what your upload speed is, click here


You must use the new chat rooms we create for you. 


You must supply quality content (photographs, videos, etc.) so that we may properly market and promote you. 

There is a 30 day probationary period before you are officially accepted as a model for Camgirls Plus. However, you are paid during your probationary period. You may be denied for a variety of reasons, including number of hours streamed weekly, quality of stream, model reliability, revenue generated, and other considerations.

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