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Information "Oral in August" and Content Shoots for Models/Actresses

Hi! My name is Rob Dennison, and I run Camgirls Plus. You probably saw this ad recently.


“IT'S ORAL IN AUGUST AGAIN! We are lining up actresses to work as "enhancement talent" with our top webcam models, and in double oral videos with a 62 year old man. Residents of VA, WV, MD, or DC are preferred, but you may be eligible for a travel allowance or round trip airfare from other states. No on-camera experience necessary for the right girls. Studio is located in Northern Virginia.”


"Enhancement talent" simply means you are not appearing in our regularly scheduled webcam shows. We have been in the industry since 2017, and our webcam models are quite successful, in spite of stiff  competition. The reason? Occasionally, we present “don’t miss” special events, advertised weeks in advance, to boost a model’s tips online, and offer exclusive videos for her most loyal fans,


The most popular events are partnered. And, our special “Oral in August” and “Oral in November” shows fit the bill perfectly, with 4 times as many tippers as typical shows! These events feature one of our top webcam models, and yourself, together giving an old man "The Blowjob of a Lifetime"!


We want you and our model to hit it off in girl/girl situations before the old man joins in on the fun. How much fun? Depends on your answers to our Pre-Shoot Consent Form. The purpose of this form is to document your understanding of various sexual activities, and to serve as a starting point for discussions regarding willingness to participate. Please note during the shoot you have the right to ask for clarification, renegotiate terms, or refuse any activity. 


Here is the money breakdown for “Oral in August”,


For the 4 hour webcam show                                     $200 (plus 20% of all tips earned)

For an additional 2 hour video shoot                         $400


If you agree to our more explicit “one day content shoot” format, you will also receive,


For an additional 3 hour video shoot                up to $300 (dependent on Pre-Shoot Consent Form)


By the way, it is our strict policy to sell only 200 copies of each video. After that, we destroy the original and delete any references to it. You are secure knowing your videos won't be easily found on the internet years from now.


So that’s it - a quick $600-$900 for one day’s work. If you do well, you may be invited to do regularly scheduled content shoots with us (typically 4 times a year), with each paying $1,000 and more. You may also be invited to do webcam shows, and perhaps develop a personal monthly subscriber account (like Onlyfans). Many models utilize all three sources of revenue, and generate over $40K a year part-time!


Get back to us soon! Ask your questions to see if this will jump start your adult career!

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