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Application "Oral in August" and Content Shoots for Models/Actresses


We broadcast partnered webcam shows from our Northern Virginia studio! These shows typically bring in 4 times as many viewers. Our focus for partnered shows is girl/girl content, with old man/young girl scenes a close second (which is why “Oral in August” sometimes turn into a one day content shoot. We are not a Venezuelan or Colombian "gang bang"  webcam studio. We are female friendly - consent and respect have been key since 2017.


Our top models enjoy earnings from regularly scheduled webcam shows,  personal monthly subscriber accounts (like Onlyfans), and sales of videos and photographs. You are here as "enhancement talent" - and  guaranteed between $600-$900 for a single day’s work. 


All models are required to pose in the following photo styles during your shoot with us; head shots, portraits, catalog/editorial fashion, and lingerie. Bring at least 1-2 favorite light outfits that make you feel great. Think of a summer dress or sundress you would go to church in. Also, you will need to bring 2-3 of your favorite lingerie/underwear. We use your poses to hide any problem areas. Of course; you will also be doing explicit photographs and videos, based on your responses to our Pre-Shoot Consent Form.


We typically shoot solo masturbation scenes, girl/girl scenes with our top webcam models, and old man/young girl scenes. I am the only male (62 years old) you are working with. Oral sex, vaginal sex, and forms of anal play are a part of everything we do. But at my age and degree of erectile dysfunction, actual anal intercourse is unlikely. 


We sell only 200 copies per video, guaranteed. After that, we erase all promotional and marketing material, and destroy the original. This allows us to market videos you appear in as limited “collectors only” releases - earning a lot more money for us.


As you might expect; there is documentation required to work in the adult industry to protect everyone:

  1. A copy of your driver’s license or government identification.

  2. A picture with your license close to your face (license must be clearly legible, see sample)

  3. Several photographs (full face and explicit). And if you can - since this is an “Oral in August” shoot, supply video links demonstrating your oral skills (on a man or dildo)

  4. Our Pre-Shoot Consent Form completed

  5. A quick video call to verify your identity


Once these steps are complete and approved, you will receive a $25 Pre-Audition Bonus as a “thank you”, sent to you via your own personal Cashapp or Venmo account.


All models are required to take an Adult Talent Comprehensive STD Panel (testing for HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea) within 30 days prior to their shoot. You can be tested almost anywhere, and some models are tested for free. Or, you can use and our discounted price with them is currently $79. If booked through us, we will pay for your test initially, and deduct it from your earnings.


This is a perfect part-time job to fit around your schedule. If you have the looks, know how to flirt, and have a high sex drive - you could be earning an extra $40K a year part-time! Contact us here or call 571-653-9519.


Thank you!

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